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The “Private schools Switzerland” directory (our print product) contains the addresses of all the Department of Education-accredited private schools in Switzerland. Many schools provide a one to two page text summary, detailing, among other things, their pedagogical approach, their facilities, and their services. The brochure also contains a list of school locations and various overview tables. The list is made up of full-page individual portraits and entries on this Website.
     Information and registration forms containing price information can be downloaded or completed in the “Advertise” section.
     Switzerland’s private schools have a wide range of offerings, be they for preschoolers, for young people in the compulsory education stage, or also for secondary schools such as vocational schools, high schools, colleges, and more. Various services are provided for individual development and preparation for further classes and school types. Many private schools also have proven expertise in the special education and gifted students areas.

The directory is available to all individuals and institutions who are professionally involved in schooling, education, and development within Switzerland and Liechtenstein, free of charge. The shipping fee to individuals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is 5 Francs per individual copy, payable on receipt of the brochure. Written orders from neighbouring countries cost 13 Francs (10 Euro), to be paid in advance, if delivery cannot be made to an address in Switzerland. The account will be notified on request. 

Cornelia Raimondi
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